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Database Error

SQL Error - #0
Message: Syntax error near '(end of line)' on line 1
Native: -131
Source: SQL Anywhere .NET Data Provider
SQL State: 42000
SQL: select PackageName, PackageSubTitle, PackageDesc, PackageImage1, PackageImage2, AirFlag, NewFlag, MapImage, LogoImage, SoldOutFlag, NumberOfHotels, BasePrice, NumDays, NumMeals, MONTHNAME(StartDate), DAY(StartDate) , YEAR(StartDate), AdditionalInfo, SchPkgInfo, InclusiveFlag, EscortedPkgFlag, PkgTypeID, OrgURL, OrgMapping, OneDayPkgFlag, GuaranteedDepFlag, LandOnlyFlag, HostedPkgFlag, ModeID from dev.Package p key join dev.ScheduledPackage sp key join dev.Organization where p.OrgID = 77 and p.PackageID = 66 and SchPackageID =

Stack Trace: at iAnywhere.Data.SQLAnywhere.SACommand._ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior commandBehavior, Boolean isExecuteScalar, Boolean isBeginExecuteReader) at iAnywhere.Data.SQLAnywhere.SACommand.ExecuteReader() at Site.PkgPrint.Page_Load(Object sender, EventArgs e)